2015 Album Project: LOST IN SITE, The Lost Transmission; First feature length studio album recorded between September and December 2015: Due to a series of unfortunate events, post processing, mastering and editing has been detained and is on temporary hiatus. Tentative release date in 2017. 

Vocals, Guitars I II and III, Bass Guitar: Anthony Nitche

Drums: Evan Bergeron

Audio Engineer and Post Processing: Mark Helenurm

Studio: Carnegie Mellon Valakis Recording Studio: under direction of Ricardo Schultz

Tentative Track Listing:

  • Picture and a Portrait
  • I Will
  • Miles With Smiles
  • The Lost Transmission
  • Pass Interference
  • Personal Troubles
  • Sunrot Parking Lot
  • Work Kills
  • Mark of Cain
  • Words Absent Target
  • Broken Glass