FINAL PROJECT: PHASES: A series of images based on the concept of mood swings and the various emotional states one finds themselves in.

TAKE A WALK: this series intends to show the disparity between leisure and sociability against abandon and isolation present in the Strip District of Pittsburgh

A DAY IN THE LIFE: This series chronicles the sequence of architecture students in their space. The narrative intends to evoke the glory of sundown, when students begin to arrive for their night of work in which their mood mirrors the golden atmosphere. Once the sun departs however the reality of workload and fatigue begins to encroach and the once golden ambiance is replaced with a more sobering reality. 

DOTS AND DASHES: Tasked with the prompt of documenting space with a defined boundary, the subject I choose was Schenley Plaza which bridges the University of Pittsburgh with Carnegie Mellon. The space is defined by a series of verticals that direct occupants (such as trees, building facades, etc) to hemispheric or circular conditions (tables, fountains, benches, booths, tents). The intention of the series is to address the verticals as defined things whereas the occupancy of these circular conditions is undefined and blurred. In certain conditions however these relationships can also be inverted.